Furry Love

Sheding tears from my eyes,
yet so wonderful.
Leaving in moans of missing.
yet no one will ever be closer to my heart.
It is you - and me.
It is what only few will ever know.

Never more happier before,
yet not for long.
Every second shared,
as I know, only few days until your departure.
It is you. It is me.
In a love, as few will ever know.

Going to the local zoo,
and buying a plushie there.
Spending the evening together at my place.
and sighing watching an animated movie.
It is you. It is me.
It is love - as only furries can know.

Seeing you in Yiffnet that night.
I know you miss me - I feel the same.
We are what many will never get right,
And this we never can tame.
It is you. It is me.
In Furry Love are we.



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