Update :

Captain's Log. Have not updated this site in ages, but did remove a possible PHP exploit, so yey me.
I've been playing Planetside 2 and it now offers free stuff for both you and me, if you sign up for an account using this link.

I should update these pages, sometime.
Been playing Pardus in my spare time.
Pardus is a pretty neat retro multiplayer browser game. If you'd like to give it a try, using my referal code which is "100027" would be appreciated!

I can finally use and ! Yes, I finally got off my ass and made my code be semi propper.

Added a few pictures to Giftart / Commissions. I have such wonderful friends :)
There's a few pictures of my new horse character amongst them... :)

I'll be attending EuroFurence 11 this year, but it doesn't look like I will be attending any other cons. Gonna finally meet Shin there, though!

Added a piece of art in My Artwork, one in Collaborations too and lots (25!) of art in the Giftart & Trades & Commissions section. Enjoy :)
Also added a counter/stats script that sorta works. Sorta. It needs work. ^^
Fixing and adding lots of small stuff, so I can finally re-write the gallery script, and make it half-decent.

Uploaded the four season/time images, (Summer) that Bloodhound Omega made for my birdthday. ^^
While I was thanking her for their amazing goody goodness, she tried to trick me into not commissioning the last batch, ( Autumn )!

<boring stuff> Have also been tinkering with the innerworking of the Links page, in preparation of making it really easy for me to add/edit/delete links or catagories and stuff. </boring stuff>

Oh, and I've been sharing this on eMule for a while now, its a compilation I made of everything you need to make Dungeon Keeper 2 to work perfectly.
Patches, Bonus Packs, NO-CD and a level editor. Yes, I know Wildside is a tacky nickname. ^^

Conventions I will attend his year : EuroFurence 10 and Memphit Mini Con 7

Finally got the custom 404 error page to work.
Seemed I didn't have the propper rights for the .htaccess and the relative path was changed and stuff. O.O

Forgot to mention the fix for X-com Apocalypse I compiled and have had online for months now.
It consists of thirdparty drivers / fixes and a batfile to make it all work together.
If you happen to want to play this old but cool game under Windows XP, this fixes the mouse problem, the gamespeed problem, sort-of fixes the sound problem and simply makes it work.
Get apoc_xp_fix.rar here.

Not too much to report. Work, and moving has taken up most of my time, unfortunately.
Well, there is the WONDERFUL! x-mas pressie Bloodi gave me. ( I am so unworthy .. -.- ) SIX more images for the time-season image script thingie!
If you wanna see them all, check 'this'!
I also recieved some giftart, but you'll have to wait until I have time to fix my gallery script some, to see that. Sorries! ^.^

Added the first two (Winter Day and Winter Night) of SIXTEEN! images to the season-time script. ( the pretty image at the top right of the page ).
Many thanks go to Bloodhound Omega, for wanting to tackle such a daunting task for lil old me :)
Also finally added the 'My Writings' and 'Collaborative Writings' sections.

Added 'about the fox' page, added a link to my DeviantArt site in the artwork section, added a WishList so you can see what desires the fox has.

Finished the layout and code for the Poetry pages, please check them out to see it works okay on your chosen browser and OS : My Poetry and Guest Poets. ( Yes, it uses JavaScript )

Added a bunch of links .. lemme know if I missed any ^^
Also uploaded the very cool new char-pic Bloodhound Omega drew for me. ( I luv joo, Bloodi! )

Now, you can be a ninja too! Neatness! ^^

Ooooh. Aaaah. In the "About" menu you can now find a link to my neglected LiveJournal.

Pity its meager 2.1 messages. Heck, leave a comment and tell me how pitiful it is! :P

Messing about with a script for the Poetry pages, and added a few poems. Go laugh at my poor poetry skillz :P

Check out the new section : Yiffy Vixens!

Upgraded the Gallery Script some, and made it so the thumbnails look all pretty and threee-deee : My Artwork
Ooooh! Aaaaah! It now uses a javascript popup window! For those of you who like them; I did it all for you! For those of you who don't .. them's tough apples!

Almost finished the Guestbook, why not sign it, or look at the messages people have left?

Oh, and if you're looking for a commission, take a look at Bloodhound Omega's commission site or GrayWolf's site!